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Focus areas

Publikum til oplæg - Big Bang 2018 - Foto: Jacob Due © Astra

Astra strengthens the science education through political attention, long-term settlement of already existing efforts and knowledge sharing on municipal, regional and national levels.

Counseling and evaluation

Astra's development department offers counseling for projects within the field of science education and connects different science initiatives. The thought behind is that broad and long-term collaborations are much more likely to succeed. In cooperation with didactic researchers, Astra evaluates projects and shares knowledge in order to secure the quality of new initiatives - for the benefit of both teachers and students.

Local, municipal and regional networks

Astra's department for long-term settlement collaborates with 78 percent of Danish municipalities to ensure that local governments prioritize science and technology initiatives as part of their political strategy. Examples of Astra´s activities are:

Establishment and maintenance of science networks both locally and regionally, where participants can get new inspiration and share both knowledge and professional competencies.
Knowledge sharing on current topics with science teachers and local coordinators in the field of science. 

National and political efforts

In 2016-17 Astra was in the forefront of a working strategy group along with the entire educational chain, business and interest organizations, science education institutions, teachers and students. The working party prepared a presentation to the Danish Ministry of Education regarding a national science strategy with the overall goal to strengthen science in Denmark. 

International collaborations

Astra shares knowledge with colleagues all over the world and is the co-founder of European Science Events Association and the EU STEM Coalition. Furthermore Astra works as an expert for a number of international research councils in connection with awarding science initiatives and research.