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Astra's vision

Jakob Vind © Astra

Astra works to strengthen the teaching and learning in science

“We aim to inspire a new generation of young people. A generation with strong science skills that can solve the many challenges of the 21st century."

Mikkel Bohm, Director of Astra

Astra develops, records and shares new knowledge, which enables Danish science teachers to both ignite and maintain student´s interest in science.

We collaborate and coordinate across and along the educational chain, where we aim to create operational and measurable values for teachers and others that share our vision to ensure a new generation of children and young people in Denmark with strong science skills - including the most talented.

Astra's vision

Astra´s vision is that all children and young people achieve science skills, which will enable them to express themselves as creative and critical citizens.


Astra's efforts are broad and target science and technology in education:

  1. All teachers should be supported and have easy access to new inspiration - because teachers are central to the student´s learning and motivation.
  2. Science education should get political attention - because of the need to optimize the societal framework in which science teachers act, and for the society to support the teachers.
  3. Development within the area should be both controlled and coordinated - because we need to build upon the proven viable strategies while also developing the areas, where development is needed.

Astra's mission

Our mission is to be the coordinating and unifying actor that strengthens science learning in Denmark.